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Press Conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Jun.10

Source: XinhuaUpdated: 2015-06-12

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Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office (SCTAO), answers questions at a regular press conference on Jun. 10,2015.

Top political advisor to attend cross-Strait forum

BEIJING -- Top political advisor Yu Zhengshengwill take part in the week-long 7th Strait Forum, which will kick off on June 14 in the coastal city of Xiamen in southeast China's Fujian Province, a spokesman from the Chinese mainland said Wednesday.Full Story

Mainland spokesman calls for better treatment of mainland students in Taiwan

BEIJING -- A Chinese mainland spokesman on Wednesday called for Taiwan authorities to lift restrictions on mainland students in Taiwan and ensure their due rights and interests.Full Story

Chinese mainland opposed to "HK, Taiwan independence": spokesman

BEIJING -- A Chinese mainland spokesman Wednesday reiterated the country's opposition to the independence of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Full Story

China reprimands U.S. over Taiwan meeting

BEIJING -- China has reprimanded the United Statesfor hosting the head of Taiwan's opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), which is known for its advocacy of Taiwan independence.Full Story