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Mainland outlines 2023 prospect of cross-Strait relations

Source: XinhuaUpdated: 2023-01-13

BEIJING, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- A spokesperson of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office put forward an outlook for cross-Strait relations at the office's first press conference of 2023 Wednesday.

Despite lingering "chills and shadows" over the Taiwan Strait, a "new look with spring and sunshine" will emerge eventually, said Ma Xiaoguang at the press conference.

In the new year, the mainland would follow the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Party's overall policy framework for resolving the Taiwan question in the new era, Ma said.

He said the mainland would uphold the basic policies of peaceful reunification and "one country, two systems," adhere to the one-China principle and the 1992 Consensus, and resolutely oppose separatist activities aimed at "Taiwan independence" and foreign interference.

The mainland would continue to unite the people of Taiwan and work with them to promote the peaceful and integrated development of cross-Strait relations and strive to advance the reunification of the motherland.

Ma said the mainland would continue to promote economic exchanges and cooperation across the Strait, deepen integrated development of the two sides of the Strait and refine institutions and policies that benefit the people of Taiwan in the new year.

He added the mainland would continue conducting extensive and in-depth consultations on cross-Strait relations and national reunification with people from all walks of life in Taiwan and firmly crush separatist activities and foreign interference.

As the mainland has optimized its COVID-19 response measures, people on both sides of the Strait expect that the two sides would resume regular personnel exchanges and cooperation in all fields, Ma said. He called on Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities to respond to people's calls and remove barriers as soon as possible.

Reviewing the cross-Strait relations in 2022, Ma said that in the face of complicated and grave cross-Strait relations, the mainland has taken the initiative to steer cross-Strait relations toward the right direction, actively promoted peaceful and integrated development of cross-Strait relations, and firmly fought against separatist activities and foreign interference, he said.

Although personnel and off-line exchanges were hindered by the COVID-19 epidemic and the DPP authorities, exchanges across the Strait never stopped, and aspiration of compatriots on both sides of the Strait to move closer never weakened, he said.

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