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Taiwan compatriots strongly dissatisfied with DPP authority for return arrangement

Source: XinhuaUpdated: 2020-04-10

BEIJING, March 27 -- Taiwan compatriots stranded in the coronavirus-hit Hubei Province were deeply disappointed at the Taiwan authorities' arrangement for their flights back to the island and expressed strong dissatisfaction.

Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party authority on Friday turned down the mainland's proposal to send back remaining Taiwan compatriots in Hubei by temporary flights from the provincial capital Wuhan, considered the most convenient and favored plan by the compatriots, said an official with the Hubei provincial Taiwan affairs office.

The Taiwan authorities required the Taiwan compatriots to take two scheduled flights from Shanghai on Sunday and Monday respectively, disregarding the long distance between Shanghai and Hubei and the trouble for compatriots in different parts of Hubei to travel.

There are more than 800 Taiwan compatriots waiting to return home, but the two flights arranged by the Taiwan authorities cannot meet their demand, said the official.

Hubei Province will provide services to the Taiwan compatriots as always to facilitate their outbound travel.