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Press Conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Apr.25

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:38
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Mainland, Taiwan responsible for S. China Sea sovereignty: spokeswoman

BEIJING -- People on both sides of the Taiwan Strait share responsibility for safeguarding the country's sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters, a mainland spokeswoman said Wednesday.Full Story

Mainland spokeswoman comments on ties with Taiwan's DPP

BEIJING -- The Chinese mainland is willing to respond positively to any moves the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Taiwan's major opposition party, makes to abandon its "Taiwan independence" stance, a Chinese mainland spokeswoman said Wednesday.Full Story

Mainland tour fees owed to Taiwanese companies plummet

BEIJING -- Package tour fees owed by Chinese mainland tourists to Taiwanese reception companies have plummeted to 245,600 U.S. dollars from last May's 1.78 million U.S. dollars, a Chinese mainland spokeswoman said Wednesday, citing figures given by Taiwan's tourism authority.Full Story

Mainland prepared to help address water shortage in Kinmen

BEIJING -- The Chinese mainland is prepared to address the water shortage in Taiwan's Kinmen county and can provide fresh water to the area at any time, a spokeswoman for the State Council's Taiwan Affairs Office said Wednesday.Full Story

Cross-Strait judicial cooperation progresses well: mainland

BEIJING -- Judicial cooperation across the Taiwan Strait has progressed smoothly and benefited people on both sides, a mainland spokeswoman said here Wednesday.Full Story

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