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Press Conference of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council on Feb.26

Updated: 02 28 , 2014 11:21
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Chinese mainland, Taiwan to sign two more cooperation agreements

Chinese mainland and Taiwan negotiators are expected to sign agreements on meteorological and seismic cooperation as they sit down for a tenth round of talks on Thursday, said a mainland spokesman Wednesday. Full Story

"Taiwan independence" a dead end: spokesman

"Taiwan independence" will not win the support of Taiwan people and is doomed to be opposed by people from across the strait, said a mainland spokesman on Wednesday. Full Story

Cross-Strait compatriots told to be vigilant: spokesman

Compatriots from across the Taiwan Strait should be vigilant against Japanese proposals that may interfere with cross-Strait affairs and alienate relations between the two sides, a mainland spokesman said on Wednesday. Full Story

Mainland welcomes all Taiwan compatriots: spokesman

The Chinese mainland welcomes more Taiwan compatriots to be involved in the promotion of peaceful development of cross-Strait relations, said a mainland spokesman on Wednesday. Full Story

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