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Macao to prepare for the 15th Art Festival

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:39
Macao's scenic beachside square turned into a stage last weekend to make space for the 15th Macao Art Festival. Artists from around the world competed for crowd attention, but it was music from Portugal and German modern art that proved the most popular attractions, offering locals a relaxing evening filled with artistry.
A host of well-known pieces led Macao citizens into the world of classical music. The performers' exotic touches even attracted the attention of many children, not usually the biggest fans of classical works. The orchestra stamped their love for life firmly on their music, and their feel-good set had people smiling all along the foreshore.
The Macao Art Festival treated audiences to visual feasts, as well as musical rapture. This flowing sculpture is being created by a group of colorful, and flexible, performing artists. Chinese Qingong martial arts, African dancing and Mexican masks, these seemingly disparate elements have been fused to create this cross-cultural spectacular.
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