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Chinese-Canadian drama to unfold on Chinese TV

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:39
China's couch potatoes are looking forward to some fun, as noted director Zhao Baogang prepares to release his latest production. This time, Zhao has set his sentimental drama in a North American metropolis.
Set to hit the screens in just a few weeks, "Vancouver" revolves around a sad love story and the everyday life of Chinese living in the Canadian city. The twenty-two part series features a cast of rising Chinese stars. At Sunday's press conference, the spotlight shone on Li Xiaoran, who plays her first bad girl part in the show.
Actress Li Xiaoran said, "For a professional actress like me, the role is a breakthrough. I used to play good girls in the past. So playing this role is quite a challenge. In the show, the girl has quite a troubled mind. That provides ample room for my acting."
Another rising star in the production is Chen Kun. Despite his booming success, the twenty-something actor is quite humble when it comes to his performance. He says his current goal is still to be a good actor.
If Zhao Baogang's past productions are anything to go by, then we have a good reason to believe "Vancouver" will be another sensation.
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