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American conductor lights up Shanghai stage

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:39
In addition to the re-awakening of nature, the most beautiful season is also bringing to Shanghai some of humanity's most elegant sounds. American conductor Lothar Barke from Los Angeles and the Shanghai Opera House Symphony Orchestra delivered an enthralling night of symphony. The performance marked the overture to Shanghai's "Spring Performing Strategic Plan."
The program features well-known pieces of Kurt Weil and Ludwig Beethoven. The concert is characterized by a distinctly American style. But Barke is able to put a new take on it with the Chinese artists.
The concert got the grand program of the Shanghai Opera House's "Spring Performing Strategic Plan" off to a fabulous start. In the following months there will be a series of performances including choral works, opera, and symphony. More internationally acclaimed performers will be invited to join the artistic spectacular.
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