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Zhu Zheqin to stage concert in Beijing

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:39
After several years of absence from China's music scene, Zhu Zheqin is back with a concert. On March 26, the internationally acclaimed singer commented on her upcoming show, which will mostly feature classic songs.
Zhu Zheqin appeared in an exotic outfit at a press conference to promote the concert. Chatting casually with the reporters, she introduced the repertoire of her upcoming show. With the accompaniment of the China Opera House Symphony Orchestra, Zhu will give a fresh rendition of classic songs from China and the rest of the world. She promised the show would have something new for fans.
Zhu Zheqin said, "The concert will be different from any of my previous performances. We aren't going to make many changes to the music. Instead we'll stress the interpretation by the band and myself. We will add new flavor to the familiar old songs."
With her trademark Tibetan-style music and heavenly voice, Zhu Zheqin made a name worldwide in 1995. Now, with multiple international awards under her belt, the singer is expecting to bring down the house again this week.
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