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'Sleepless Princess' Highlights Christmas Eve in Beijing

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:39
Taiwan singer and actress Rene Liu staged a concert at the Capital Gymnasium in Beijing, spending Christmas Eve with her fans all night. 

Her last concert in Beijing was a big success and even more tickets sold out this year. ??

Parting from her former gentle and reserved style, Rene made a stunning appearance this time in a red feathered costume, riding a motorcycle on stage. ??

After the opening song, she continued to show off her wild and luxurious sexiness, challenging fans' with the new look. ??

The concert set several dramatic scenarios, like "Sleepless Night with Best friends" and "Overnight Films in Cinemas", which gave the concert the feel of a stage drama. ??
Taiwan singer Tarcy Su, who has not been active in the music world in recent years, was invited to come back to the stage as a guest performer. ??

Since most of Rene Liu's songs top KTV lists, some said the concert also felt like visiting a big KTV bar all night.



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