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China, Russia launch "Red Trips"

Updated: 07 21 , 2015 10:52
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BEIJING, July 21 (Xinhuanet) -- Tour companies from both China and Russiahave launched new "Red Trip" routes covering historical sites linked to old revolutionary Communist Party leaders in Russia and China.

Five new routes have been launched so far. One of them follows the route of the Red Army. Russia has launched a project called "the road of the Ulyanov family" covering many important sites in Russia linked to the communist revolutionary Lenin that also include Lenin's hometown.

Tourists who visit the city of Ulyanov are also expected to take an oath to pay respect to Lenin.

Most of the tourists who have signed up for the tours so far are retired people who have a special connection to "the Soviet Union" as they grew up reading books by Soviet Writers and listening to popular music from that era.