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Spokesman rebuts "mainland buying out Taiwan" remarks

Updated: 05 15 , 2014 14:13
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BEIJING -- A Chinese mainland spokesman on Wednesday refuted accusations that "the mainland is buying out Taiwan" as baseless and with vile political intent.

"These remarks are groundless and made up with a specific political stance," said Ma Xiaoguang of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office at a press conference.

"They aim to disturb cross-Strait cooperation by inventing and spreading a sense of threat," he added.

Ma made the remarks when asked whether the setting up of free economic zones on the island would open doors for mainland funds, laborers, service industries and goods, enabling the mainland to "buy out" the island.

"Economic cooperation will bring mutual benefits and win-win results, and there is no issue of 'who is manipulating who' or 'who is eating up who'," Ma said, adding that "of course, there is no who is buying out who."

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