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Straits Forum: Taiwan representatives satisfied with new policies

Updated: 06 15 , 2015 13:46
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Many Taiwan representatives attending the 7th Straits Forum expressed their delight at the move to lift the entry permit requirement, and said they hope the new policy can be implemented as soon as possible.

"It's a very good thing, really great. Since cross-straits relations are getting better and better, we want to regard the mainland as our home in the future," said Fu Chua-hsien, a Taiwan busnessman.

"I remember a few years ago when the bullet train to Shanghai was first launched, the railway station staff had trouble keying in my Taiwan compatriot permit number to issue my train ticket. Now it's becoming more convenient as there's a specially designed space for it. So when our identification certificate becomes an official card, it will make things much easier for those who come here to study, work, tour or reside," said Lu Ting-hua, representative of Straits Forum.

"If we are exempted from getting the travel permit to come to the mainland, it means we can come at any time we want. Actually that is a very critical step to really show that the two sides across the straits are one family. We have realized that through this exemption, the two sides can march into an all-round exchange in the future," said Wang Cho-chung, editor-in-chief of Want Daily from Taiwan.

At present, Taiwan residents must apply for a travel permit in order to enter the mainland. The permit, a passport-like document and also serves as a form of identification during Taiwan residents' stay on the mainland. China?s top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng announced on Sunday that it will be simplified into a card for Taiwan travelers to carry with them. Official statistics show Taiwan residents made 5.3 million visits to the mainland in 2014, a one million increase from 2008.