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Taiwan to send deer, serows as gifts to mainland

Updated: 07 14 , 2015 13:34
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JINAN -- Taiwan will send two pairs of Formosan serows and a male spotted deer to the Chinese mainland next April, according to a national park in east China's Shandong Province.

An agreement has been signed between Taipei Zoo, the original home of the animals, and their new home, Liugongdao National Forest Park in Shandong's Weihai City, a spokesman with the park said Tuesday.

The Formosan serow is a goat-like animal indigenous to Taiwan.

In 2011, Taiwan sent a pair of Formosan serows and a pair of spotted deer to the park as a token of improved cross-strait relations.

The new animals are expected to help avoid inbreeding among the Taiwan species and carry on their bloodline in the park, according to the spokesman.

Earlier this month, Dian Dian, a deer given to the mainland by Taiwan in 2011, delivered her fifth litter since moving to the park.