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Survey finds one in five L.A. community college students homeless

Updated: 06 30 , 2017 15:55
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LOS ANGELES, June 29 -- With 230,000 students in Los Angeles Community College District, one in every five is homeless, and nearly two-thirds can't afford the proper and healthy food as needed, according to the report of Los Angeles Times Thursday.

A newly released survey showed that half of the L.A. community college students were struggling with the unaffordable housing costs and about six percent had to live in a temporary accommodation, such an abandoned building, a car or other location which were not for housing purpose.

Meanwhile, 19 percent of the students said they became homeless recently, eight percent reported being thrown out of their homes, and four percent said they had been evicted by their landlords.

The study pointed out that although nationwide college students had financial constraints of getting balanced nutrition, the situation at the L.A. college district was much worse than the national average.

About 65 percent can't afford balanced meal, and 60 percent were unable to purchase more when their food runs out, L.A. Times reported.

With the result of the survey, Mike Eng, the board of trustees of Los Angeles Community College District, was quoted by the L.A. Times as saying that the district was negotiating with private developers to build below-market housing on one or more of its campuses.

Moreover, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors have designated homeless college students among the beneficiaries of the tax fund this month, L.A. Times reported.

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