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Feature: Vancouver Fan Expo attracts comic and sci-fi film fans

Updated: 04 23 , 2014 15:17
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VANCOUVER -- The Vancouver Convention Center was transformed into a paradise for science fiction and anime fans at the weekend.

More than 25,000 enthusiasts, many of whom dressed up like their favorite characters, poured into the center to celebrate everything sci-fi and comic book-related at the annual Vancouver Fan Expo, which ran from Friday to Sunday.

Though smaller in size than the comic conventions in the United States, the zeal of local fans is just the same.

"That (the small scale) means we get more access," said local Ghostbusters enthusiast Todd Whalen, who has attended the convention for the last three years.

"We come, have our props displayed, and get suited up in costumes to show all the merchandise and the sort of artifacts from the era of Ghostbusters. We also try to raise money for the B.C.(British Columbia) children's hospital foundation while doing it," Whalen explained.

Two of the biggest attractions at the expo were celebrity guests Robert Englund, famous for his role in the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise, and Tom Felton, known for his part in one of the biggest movie series, Harry Potter, as Draco Malfoy.

Kiko Galpin told Xinhua while waiting in a long line for an autograph from Felton that meeting the actor was fulfilling a childhood dream as she grew up reading the Harry Potter books. She and her friends have even formed their own Quidditch team at the University of British Columbia.

Horror movie fan Terry Doody arrived in costume and hoped for a chance to meet the star of his favorite scary movie series, Evil Dead.

"There's a lot of good costumes this year and Bruce Campbell is at the show, so we're really excited to see him," Doody said.

The Fan Expo does not only attract young fans. Neil Peterson brought his two children and dressed himself like Agent Jay from the Men in Black movies, telling Xinhua that it was his first time attending with his kids and he was "really impressed."

"I would certainly come again next year with my two kids. We can have fun and can also learn something new," he added.

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