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93-year-old CPC still inspires Chinese youths

Updated: 07 02 , 2014 14:47
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BEIJING, July 1 -- Ninety-three years since the founding of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Party is still proving a powerful source of inspiration for Chinese youths.

Born in 1990, almost 70 years after the CPC's founding, Zheng Wentong said he feels a great familiarity with the Party.

Zheng was born in Yudu County of east China's Jiangxi Province, the place where the Chinese Red Army started its epic "Long March" in 1934.

"Communist slogans painted on the walls of my family house decades ago can still be discerned today," Zheng said.

He joined the CPC in 2010, as a 20-year-old university student, and later declined offers to work in big cities and returned to his hometown to work as a grassroots public servant in a rural village.

"This work makes me feel fulfilled as I believe what I am doing is meaningful," he said.

"We young CPC members need not sacrifice our lives like many of our predecessors, but their spirit to serve the people wholeheartedly must be passed on and carried on," Zheng said.

He is among the "post-1990" generation, a group of youngsters now in their prime but once doubted by their seniors as spoiled and self-centered.

However, many of them have proved to be no less responsible and altruistic.

Zhang Shuang, 23, joined the CPC in 2010 at the age of 19.

??"When taking the admission oath to join the Party, I told myself to remember every word by heart and carefully practice it," she recalled.

??In the same year, Zhang launched a volunteer teaching program with some college students to teach children in remote rural villages.

??Born in a rural family in northeast China's Jilin Province, Zhang said she struggled to learn English herself due to the poor education in her hometown.

??"I finally overcome the difficulty with great efforts but I know there are many who are still daunted by this. So I initiated the program in a bid to improve the situation and help kids in need," she explained.

??Four years on, Zhang and her team have visited schools from the outskirts of Changchun, Jilin's capital city, to remote mountainous areas in northwestern Gansu Province.

??"Being a CPC member means we should try to do better and take the lead in our study, work and life, especially when confronting challenges," according to Zhang.

??Now a teacher with the Jilin University of Finance and Economics, she is happy to find that many college students below her age are also interested in joining the CPC.

??For 23-year-old Han Daoman, who joined the CPC in 2012, "thinking that I am a Party member always inspires me and reminds me to front up and take a step further, especially in times of depression and frustration.

??"With my efforts to help others, I hope I can prove that young people of our generation are also willing to share and to give."

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