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Taiwan export orders surge in February

Updated: 03 21 , 2017 14:43
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TAIPEI, March. 20 -- Taiwan's export orders saw year-on-year growth of 22 percent in February, on the back of global economic recovery and strong orders demand from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong, according to data released by the island's economic authority Monday.

Export orders for the month stood at 33.8 billion U.S. dollars, a 6.2 percent decline from January.

Orders for telecommunication and electronic products, precision instruments, along with rubber and metal products led the increase.

The authority's statistics show that the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong remain the biggest buyers, with their combined orders totaling 8.72 billion U.S. dollars in February, up 40.5 percent year on year. In January and February combined, orders from the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong increased by 20.5 percent, while orders from the southeast Asian countries fell 1.8 percent.

Growth in exports has not made the ordinary people in Taiwan feel a sense of economic revival as price rises are eating into people's actual earnings, local media reported.

The rising cost of living is led by housing and commodities, and a decrease in mainland visitors, said an editorial carried by the Commercial Times on Sunday.

With inflation factored in, the real monthly earnings of Taiwan's salary earners shrank 0.77 percent year on year in 2016.

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