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Commentary: Japan's wanton agenda setting at UN threatens world peace

Updated: 07 06 , 2016 15:08
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BEIJING, July 6 -- Since Japantook over the rotating presidency of the United NationsSecurity Council on July 1, it has been relentless in voicing concern over the South China Sea.

Koro Bessho, Japan's new ambassador to the UN, said he would put the issue on the agenda of the 15-member council if there is a request from its members. Instead of trying to solve more urgent matters, Koro is using the Security Council to try and embarrass China.

In recent years, Japan has been trying to fool the international community and serve its own agenda by portraying China as a threat.

The latest show was staged in May when Japan, as the host of the Group of Seven (G7) summit, unnecessarily raised concerns of "maritime security" in the South China Sea.

Japanese media have reported that Japan has pressed the G7 to issue a joint statement on the South China Sea arbitration case, which was unilaterally initiated by the Philippines. China has refused to participate and will not recognize the arbitral tribunal's award, expected to be issued on July 12.

Furthermore, Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia Yuji Kumamaru reportedly mounted pressure on the Cambodian government to oppose China's claims in the South China Sea by threatening to halt the much needed aid to the country.

Japan's behavior at the UN and elsewhere could only backfire. Not only does it hurt the solemnity and authority of the Security Council, but it also violates the principles of the UN Charter.

The UN Charter is aimed at maintaining international peace and security and promoting international cooperation. Instead, Japan seems more interested in inciting other Security Council members to focus on the South China Sea and create hostility toward China.

Japan is tapping various diplomatic arenas to shame China, and its actions reflect badly on the world's third largest economy. It should quit making trouble on the international stage and behave more responsibly.

by Xinhua writer Xiong Ping

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