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China's progress in key areas in past year

Updated: 11 13 , 2013 09:35
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BEIJING -- The Communist Party of China's Central Committee is continuing to chart the course of the country's reforms in the next decade. The key meeting, running from Saturday to Tuesday, is the third time the Party?s current 200-member Central Committee has gathered since last year?s leadership change. And since the 18th CPC National Congress last November, China has made enormous progress in areas including its fight against corruption, economic development, and urbanization.

E-commerce is burgeoning in China.

Online sales are gradually replacing traditional businesses as a profitable industry.

That indicates huge potential for China?s economic development, a major step to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society.

It all begins with serving the people, the CPC?s fundamental purpose.

The Party launched a campaign in April, to urge its members to boost ties with the people and fight corruption.

General Secretary Xi Jinping called on party members to reject formalism, bureaucratism as well as improper behaviors like mediocrity and extravagance.

In June, the "thorough cleanup" of such undesirable work styles began.

China vows to reform government functions, and has scrapped or transferred 334 administrative approval rights.

The country has also sped up efforts to restructure its economy.

The newly-established Shanghai Free Trade Zone gives more freedom to a market-oriented economy.

Starting from the fourth quarter last year, China has maintained sound economic growth of over 7.5 percent. Much higher than major developed and emerging economies.

To enable all Chinese citizens to benefit the profits brought by economic development, China introduced the urban-rural integration process.

It pledges to improve the medical insurance system, provide more affordable houses, and unify the household registration system.

Deepening reform has been the focal point of the new leaders.

Despite challenges, the world?s second-largest economy is now determined to open a new page of history.

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