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Taiwan Authorities Urged to Embrace One-China Principle

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:39
??Zhang Mingqing, spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office under the Chinese State Council, said November 30 refusal by Taiwan authorities to accept the one-China principle is very dangerous and it will get nowhere.

??Zhang said during a press conference in Beijing the mainland has reiterated time and again its call for Taiwan authorities to accept the one-China principle, and that "this stand will not change."

??Speaking on a consensus reached by the so-called "pan-parties group" in Taiwan, Zhang said any proposal that does not accept the principle and the consensus reached in 1992 between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits will get nowhere.

??He went on to say it is very dangerous for those to advocate " two Chinas" proposal.

??On the so-called "letters" exchanged between the leaders of Taiwan authorities and that of mainland released by a woman " legislator" in Taiwan on November 28, Zhang described it as a rumor.

??The fabricated letters said the Communist Party of China donated money to support Chen Shui-bian.

??On the issue of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, the spokesman said the mainland strongly opposes the attempts by some people in Taiwan to cut cultural links between the mainland and Taiwan.

??The Taiwan authority has recently declined to accept the scheme submitted by its educational departments on the application of the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet, which was formulated by the mainland and recognized by the international community.

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