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Historical Document Proves Taiwan Belongs to China

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:39
??A historic document shown to the public Wednesday in Taipei proves once again China's undeniable sovereignty over Taiwan.

??A press conference was held here recently to publicize the document concerning Japan's surrender signed by Chen Yi, then the chief executive and garrison commander of Taiwan on the Chinese side, and Rikichi Ando, governor of Japanese colonialist regime in Taiwan, on October 25, 1945.

??The document states that Japan has surrendered unconditionally and that the Chinese government takes over the territory, administrative power, all military and administrative facilities and assets of Taiwan and Penghu Islands (the Pescadores) from the Japanese.

??Some political figures in Taiwan including Annette Lu claimed that Taiwan was not officially returned to China and the political position of Taiwan remained uncertain. This surrender document refutes their fallacy.

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