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Xi's comments show mainland's good faith to Taiwan: spokesman

Updated: 05 15 , 2014 14:37
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BEIJING, May 14 -- Recent comments made by Xi Jinping, the Communist Party of China (CPC) leader, have expressed the mainland's good faith and good will in communicating with Taiwan compatriots.

Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, made the remarks at a regular press conference on Wednesday.

The spokesman said the mainland will unswervingly advance the peaceful development of cross-Strait ties despite any disturbance.

During a meeting with Taiwan's People First Party (PFP) chairman James CY Soong last week, Xi, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, said that the mainland's policy to promote peaceful development of cross-Strait relations will not change, and neither will the pragmatic measures to boost exchanges, cooperation and mutual benefit.

"Our sincere enthusiasm to unite Taiwan compatriots for common endeavors will not wane, and the firm will to curb 'Taiwan independence' is unshakable," Xi said.

The peaceful development of cross-Strait ties has proved to be a correct path to maintain cross-Strait peace, enhance common development, seek national rejuvenation and benefit the people on both sides, Ma said.

"In recent years, we have taken a series of practical measures for the welfare of the people on the two sides of the Taiwan Strait and we will continue doing this," he said.

It is inevitable that people on the two sides have some estrangement due to the historical and realistic situations. However, as both sides of the Strait are of one family, there is no unsolvable misunderstanding, Ma said.

The spokesman said the mainland will also work to contact people from a wider spectrum of Taiwan society so that understanding and mutual trust between the two sides will be reinforced.

"We would like to conduct exchanges with any political party, group or person who adheres to the one-China principle and opposes the 'Taiwan independence' stance in Taiwan," Ma said.

Ma said the mainland's social insurance system is now open to Taiwan students on the mainland and called on the Taiwan side to ease its restrictions toward mainland students.

The mainland is willing to let more Taiwan compatriots join the promotion of cross-Strait exchanges and cooperation, the spokesman said.

In response to a recent Taiwan pop singer's comments saying mainlanders were unwelcome on the island, Ma said certain extreme comments could not represent the majority of public opinion in Taiwan and neither will they be accepted by most mainland people.

"No one can deprive people on the two sides their due rights of communication and exchange," he added.

Furthermore, Ma reiterated the mainland's stance to oppose "Taiwan independence" activities in any form, saying that "there will be no compromise in this regard."

Compatriots on both sides of the Strait should be wary of the "Taiwan independence" forces that always play tricks to undermine cross-Strait peace and development, he said.

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