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Beijing to introduce three scenic rail tours for summer vacation

Updated: 06 30 , 2015 09:16
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The railway department of Beijingwill operate three special rail tours to take tourists from the capital to destinations in China's northwest and northeast in an 8-11 day journey in July and August.

The special tours are arranged out of the growing needs of the peak travel season in summer, especially for families.

All the three trains are designed to only contain 4-sleeper private cabins, for the convenience of group tourists and families.

The grassland-oriented route to China's northwest, with stops at Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai, offers two trips starting on July 17 and Aug 8, for an eight-day tour and seven-day tour priced between 4280-4580 yuan ($689-737) per person.

The 11-day tour to China's northeast, stopping at Qiqihar, Hulun Buir, Changbai Mountain and so on, is scheduled to set off on July 26 and priced at 4580 yuan per person.

The trains will adopt the evening-morning schedule to travel at night and maximize the amount of day time for passengers to explore each destination en route.

For more information, go to www.crts.com.cn.