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Lantern exchange across Strait?Video?

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:09
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BEIJING -- Beautiful lanterns are always a must during Spring Festival. Wherever there are Chinese people, you can see lanterns of all kinds light the festive night. Last Sunday, over 2,800 lanterns were well packed and loaded to make their way to Mazu Island of Taiwan.

This celebration has been going on for ten years, but this year was a bit different. Let's head to the port of Fujian Province to find out more.

After cleaving waves on the 30-kilometer journey in the sea, the boat slowly harboured. It has been loaded with festive lanterns and hearty blessings, from Mazu Island of Taiwan. And a couple of hours later, it will return for its journey back home, carrying different lanterns. But the homebound blessing is the same.

Wong Shuqin, the captain, is now busily unloading the new year gift from Mazu. He's been delivering the gifts for many years during Spring Festival. But this time marks something different.

Wong Shuqin said, "In the past few years, Taiwan has entrusted lantern makers on the Chinese mainland to make and present gifts to the people of Fujian Province. But this year is the first time the lanterns made in Taiwan are delivered here directly. It's somehow significant."

The 2,800 lanterns made by craftsmen from seven counties in Fujian Province has also set a record, topping past exchanges in both numbers and styles.

Before long, the boat is fully loaded again. Wong waves goodbye to the people and the land where his grandfather lived.

On Thursday night, the lanterns will light up both sides of the Strait, like signposts for travellers at sea.

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