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Lantern Festival celebrated in Macao and Taiwan?Video?

Updated: 05 07 , 2013 19:09
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Let's rewind the festive night one more time to see how people in Macao and Taiwan concluded this year's Spring Festival celebration with lantern fairs and fireworks.

In Macao, Lantern Festival is the time for local people's favorite lunar new year celebration - the Parade of Dancing Lions. For the year 2012, one golden dragon led the way for 8 dancing lions, sending new year wishes to everyone along the streets.

Several dancers also played the gods of fortune to give away lucky money. Although it's only chocolate in the shape of coins, folks got into the fun just for good luck and to kick start the rest of the year.

Heading to Taiwan, this year's local lantern fair is held in Lukang of Changhua County, a tourists' favorite spot for local snacks and historical sites. Launched in 1990, the annual lantern fair usually takes each lunar year's mascot as its theme. And this year the 20-meter tall dragon leads the pack. But there's something for everyone.

A lantern fair goer said, "Many of my favorite stories are here. I like the little mermaids most."

Collaborating with Lukang this year is Jiangsu Tourism Bureau, introducing the historical buildings of Nanjing to Lantern Fair visitors.

The fair will continue for another two weeks. Changhua County is also expecting to boost local tourism with this cross-strait celebration.

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