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CPC issues new rule on official demotion

Updated: 07 29 , 2015 08:38
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BEIJING -- The Communist Party of China (CPC) has issued a regulation on the promotion and demotion of officials, according to the General Office of the CPC Central Committee on Tuesday.

The regulation said the CPC will strengthen its management of officials, adding a high-quality ranking system must be established to build a clean political environment.

The regulation aims to fix a longtime problem in China's political system that allows officials to be promoted or stay at the same level, but does not let them be demoted unless they commit violations of CPC rules or the law.

The regulation said a qualified sitting official should adhere to CPC values, be honest, upright, responsible, diligent and effectively perform his duties. The CPC will promote capable officials, replace mediocre ones and sack the incapable and corrupt.

The CPC aims to invigorate the current official system by assigning capable officials to the proper posts and weeding out unhealthy work styles such as political idleness, neglect of duty and malpractice.

The CPC will implement the regulation by improving its accountability mechanism.

Officials found to be incompetent or lacking initiative to fulfill their tasks will be relieved from their current posts, the regulation said.