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Mainland official open to KMT chairman's visit

Updated: 03 20 , 2015 16:28

The Chinese government has expressed its intention to welcome a potential visit by the Chairman of the Kuomingtang, or KMT, Eric Chu.

During a visit to Hong Kong on Monday, Chu said that his party would continue to uphold the 1992 consensus in regard to the one-China policy. He also expressed a willingness to visit the mainland. Fan Liqing, spokesperson of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, says the move is set to promote cross-straits ties.

"We have taken note of Eric Chu's remarks delivered in Hong Kong. We'd welcome him to visit the mainland at a convenient time. We need to continue the positive aspects of CPC-KMT interactions, and make concerted efforts to promote the peaceful and stable development of cross-straits ties," Fan said.